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The Importance of Prenatal Fitness

Couple of weeks ago I was photographing a Pre-Natal Fitness Class with the amazing Personal Trainer Viviane Lopes, (Pictures Below) and I have to say I felt pretty good just from watching and being in the same environment as them. She made the moms-to-be feel very enthusiastic and energetic during the class and at the end she explained me a little bit about the benefits of a prenatal class brings to both; Moms & Babies. I used to hear back in the days that exercising while pregnant can be unsafe for Moms or Babies but here are some words from an expert: "...In my prenatal fitness class, most of my participants are first time moms who are extremely afraid of working out and hurting their baby. Contrary to popular beliefs, prenatal fitness helps increase energy levels, improves postural balance therefore less aches and pains, improves self-esteem, reduces feelings of depression and anxiety and most importantly, it reduces the risk of developing hypertension and gestational diabetes. My role as an instructor is to ensure that both mom and baby are safe, making sure that all exercises are done properly to avoid overheating, abdominal separation and injuries. We concentrate on strengthening weak muscles such as the pelvic floor, the upper back muscles and the glutes while stretching tights muscles like the chest, lower back and the calves." says Viviane. I noticed the class is also a fantastic way of socializing, connecting, exchanging experiences, and learning from each other. Even myself I learned something on that day; before the class started the moms were talking about a stroller brand that is the most popular and affordable in the market but the stroller is made with a very heavy material which makes more difficult for the moms to lift it by themselves. On that same weekend, I went with my sister-in-law to buy a stroller for my 2 months old niece and the first stroller we chose was that particular brand, beautiful and super affordable, but when we lifted and noticed how heavy the stroller was, the first thought I had was that conversation I heard in the beginning of Viv's Class: "... Don't buy the brand (GRACO), it is a really heavy stroller....". And not doubt it was one of the heaviest strollers in the store. :D "Prenatal fitness also helps moms-to-be to socialize and connect with other women who are going through the same thing as them. These classes are not only for the physical well-being of mom and baby but also a great way to share their pregnancy stories, de-stress, talk about what they’re going through and learn how to safely exercise while being pregnant." says Viviane. Viviane has over a decade of experience teaching prenatal and postnatal fitness. If you would like more information about the benefits and classes -> or call 604-351-5040

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