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Hello there,


My name is Cris, and I am the founder and director of Mengatto Photography. In May 2016 I launched my company located in the heart of Vancouver, BC – Canada. I currently offer photography services for Maternity, Newborn, Baby, Children, Family, Children's Birthdays, Weddings & More.


For me, taking beautiful pictures is all about capturing the most natural moments of you. Keeping it simple is the key. Often people feel a bit uncomfortable or shy in front of a camera, concentrating on how they should look, behave or pose for the photos. But there is nothing to worry about it, you just have to relax, be yourself and enjoy it. After all, is not every day that you have a personal photographer capturing the most beautiful shots of you ;) - moments that you wouldn’t even imagine transpired in the first place.


Outdoor photo shoots incorporating natural light, backgrounds and landscapes are my favorite places to work, but if you prefer to have an in-studio photo shoot, we can always arrange that, too.



"Every time I complete a project, and I see the happiness

in the eyes of my clients, I feel a tremendous emotional reward

that makes me want to do it again".


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