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The precious child that is growing inside of you is unique, and those dear moments of pregnancy will be but a distant memory. Let's capture that once in a lifetime experience, the glow of your maternity.

The photos can be done at any time that you feel comfortable and beautiful.

I suggest your photos be taken from about 30-34 weeks.

This is when you start to develop a really predominant and stunning pregnant belly shape. 


Your partner and little ones are always welcome

to be part of the photos too.

Ahh their sweet lips, twitchy smiles,

tiny fingers, and little toes.

How fast they grow!


The newborn photos should be taken within 10 days after birth. The younger your newborn baby is, the more relaxed and sleepy he/she will be.

This allows me to take more diverse pictures that capture your baby's first days of life.


The photo session takes approximately 3-4 hours, giving you time to change, feed, cuddle and put your newborn back to sleep.


Parents and siblings are always welcome as part of your newborn's photo shoot.

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Family is the most important

thing in the world.


If you are looking for either

traditional or spontaneous family photos,

we will make each photo shoot authentic
and remarkable for your family.


All family members and pets are welcome to
join the of the photo shoot.

If you want to know where your heart is,

look to where your mind goes.


Engagement is a special and intimate time in your relationship that needs to be celebrated.


Photos will be taken in an equally special and intimate place of your choice.


Please note: Wedding packages that include engagement photo shoots are available. 


Be yourself, because

everybody else is already taken.

The Internet creates the need to stay connected in a globalized world where it is more important than ever to present yourself professionally across various online applications.


Headshots are no longer exclusively for actors or models, they can serve a purpose for everyone. I will work with you to customize your headshots, making sure they can be used based on your specfic needs. 


Don't tell people your dreams,

show them!


Whether it’s big business or a start-up, photo shoots can be adapted for all commercial purposes.

Advertise and market your company, product and/or service confidently and professionally! 




A personalized photo book is the perfect gift.

It is a great way to organize, display

and treasure your special moments.

* All prices are subject to change without notice.

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